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Charles Barkley announces TV retirement plans in stunning twist

Charles Barkley has cleared the air on his NBA television future.

Tom Brady believes NFL quarterback play has 'gone backwards'

Tom Brady isn't all in on the NFL quarterbacks of today's game.

Mike Francesa crushes Robert Saleh for how he handled Aaron Rodgers' absence

Mike Francesa remains bearish on Robert Saleh.

Paul Pierce says NBA refs think Luka Doncic is an 'a--hole' after controversial Finals call

Luka Doncic has a "reputation" with NBA officials that is going to be hard to walk back.

Tom Brady vows to let it loose in Fox broadcast booth: ‘Be a jerk!'

Tom Brady promises he will be spicy in the broadcast booth.

Doc Rivers reveals shocking Damian Lillard details after struggles in first Bucks season

"Coach, I didn’t work out all summer. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve not worked out. I was so scared of getting injured working out."

WNBA star rips Caitlin Clark not speaking up: 'Silence is a luxury'

Dijonai Carrington did not like Caitlin Clark's stance.

Caitlin Clark wants people to stop using her to push their agendas

Caitlin Clark’s feelings on the never-ending use of her name to further opinions involving the “culture wars” might be the biggest mystery in the WNBA. 

Former Pro Bowl QB accuses media company of forcing him to make bet that cost him radio job

Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar is suing the media company BIGPLAY Network.

NBA star wants no part of Stephen A. Smith's dig at teammate: 'Don't do that'

The incident transpied during ESPN's pregame coverage for Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Bowled over: YES Network to televise seven Major League Cricket matches after World Cup buzz

The broadcast home of the Bronx Bombers has inked a deal with on-demand streaming platform Willow by Cricbuzz to televise Major League Cricket, the companies announced.

Dave Portnoy left Tom Brady's Patriots ceremony to watch Celtics' Game 3 NBA Finals win

Dave Portnoy couldn't be in two places at once, so he had to make a difficult decision.

Tom Brady reveals the hardest part of $375 million Fox Sports broadcasting transition

Tom Brady doesn't want to bring his quarterback mentality to Fox Sports when he makes his debut as a top NFL analyst after signing a $375 million contract.

UConn coach sets the record straight on $70M Lakers decision: 'I don't need leverage'

Dan Hurley is opening up after choosing to stay at UConn instead of coaching the Lakers.

ESPN star now has inside track at coaching job in new Lakers twist

The Lakers have pinpointed a new favorite in their head coaching search.

Gary Cohen jabs Pat McAfee while wondering where Aaron Rodgers is instead of Jets' minicamp

The iconic play-by-play announcer discussed the national storyline while calling the final outs of the Mets' 10-4 win over the Marlins on Wednesday night.

ESPN insider blasts on Luka Doncic for fouling out, 'unacceptable' defense: 'Hole on the court'

Luka Doncic was already having a rough night.

Mets announcer eviscerates Marlins for complete lack of awareness on field: 'Can get somebody killed'

Gary Cohen was not happy with the Marlins' baseball awareness in the third inning during Wednesday night's 10-4 loss to the Mets.  The SNY broadcaster was fuming when the Marlins...

Aaron Rodgers' Jets absence spurs wild Mike Francesa, Chris Russo rants

It would have been an epic day for Mike and the Mad Dog to talk sports and go at it as hard as they can.

Joey Chestnut reignites Takeru Kobayashi rivalry in Netflix hot dog eating competition after Nathan's ban

The announcement of the “Chestnut vs. Kobayashi: Unfinished Beef” special comes a mere 24 hours after The Post broke the news that Chestnut was banned from the Nathan’s hot dog...