Inmate briefly sprung from jail to help hotwire trashed RV he allegedly stole in viral video

RV owner Olive Teague said cops briefly sprung the accused crook from Aberdeen City Jail after recovering the vehicle trashed by squatters.

Homeowner claims squatter who sold furniture in yard sale was repairman hired off TikTok as lawmakers blame police

“She didn’t want him to be homeless over the holidays which left me homeless over the holidays.” 

NYC squatters would be tracked and mapped under new City Council bill that would also criminalize freeloadingj

City Councilwoman Susan Zhuang introduced the bill Thursday, calling for a quarterly report on squatter properties by the NYPD and other city agencies.

Farm boy's cause of death revealed as 'killer squatter' pleads guilty to murder — month after skeletal remains were found

Brenner, 60, had been squatting in a trailer on farmland near Rounds' property in the small desert community of Lucin near the Utah-Nevada border.

Good for Queens DA Melinda Katz as she moves to clobber squatters: More, please!

Chalk up a small victory in Gotham’s war against squatters: Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz is throwing the book at a particularly odious house thief.  Lance White-Hunt and accomplice Rondie...

Queens squatter who tried to prove address with Shake Shack receipt is indicted for burglary, identity theft: DA

One of the squatters who tried to use a Shake Shack receipt as proof-of-residence at a Queens address was indicted for burglary and other crimes.

Flash Shelton 'building an army' across the US to tackle squatters invading people's homes

"We are going anywhere and everywhere to take care of these squatters," Shelton said, adding he has recieved "hundreds" of applicants to join his squad.

'Squatter Hunter' says punks are now so brazen they'll steal your home, then Airbnb it to others

"Matter of fact, I even see people that get into the property and then try to make money by Airbnb-ing it out," he said.

'Rooftop ninja' caught living in popular supermarket's sign for a year: 'She made it home'

She didn't have to travel far to buy food.

Squatters return to Georgia House candidate's $450K home after arrest: 'Worst criminal activity I've ever seen'

Georgia State House candidate Mel Keyton says he's in the middle of an ongoing chaotic saga as squatters took over his $450K Atlanta-area home, even coming back after being arrested and...

Six squatters take over suburban Georgia home, then help themselves to vacationing neighbor's car: cops

Police in an Atlanta suburb rounded up six alleged squatters on Saturday after tracing a neighbor's stolen car to the driveway -- bringing relief to locals who considered the trespassers...

The ‘inclusive scholarship’ fraud, anti-squatting law falls short and other commentary

Some state lawmakers “took a victory lap” over a new law “addressing a rash of illegal squatting” in New York that “distinguishes squatters from non-squatters.”

NYC's squatter scourge is so bad even lefty lawmakers are moving to crack down

Liu credited coverage by The Post and others for bringing “to our attention a problem that needed to be addressed.”

'Squatter' with angry goat refused to leave Texas home, animal attacked homeowner: cops

“The goat butted one of the officers. He said, ‘The goat got me good.’ The officers were like, ‘This is nuts in here.'”

NY pols take aim at squatters with ‘crystal clear’ laws favoring homeowners after series of  takeovers

New York lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have introduced a flurry of legislation taking aim at the issue of squatters plaguing law-abiding homeowners all over the state.

Homeowners score legal victory over squatters in NY thanks to 'optics' of landlord handcuffed in $1M home

"I think this is what pushed it over the finish line, the investigation surrounding this case and the media surrounding this case. The optics of a homeowner being taken from...

Triumphant homeowners who spent millions on houses reveal how they took on squatters — and won

Many Americans find themselves stuck with squatters, spending months and thousands of dollars in legal fees to get the intruders out. Others get aggressive, act quickly and to what it...

Squatter crisis could force homeowners to take matters into their own hands: expert

Meaike, a 51-year-old podcaster and serial entrepreneur, told The Post this week that lenient laws letting squatters stay in houses they don't own and aren't paying for must change —...

Squatters refuse to leave Gordon Ramsay's $16.1M London pub despite court order: 'We're going to be security for him'

"We're still here, and we're going to carry on staying here. We're going to be security for him," one interloper declared.

NYC squatters get the OK sign with no bail for the Queens thug who sublet rooms during his takeover

Brian Rodriguez tried to steal a woman's house out from under her and got rewarded with zero bail and supervised release: more proof it's open season on the law abiding...