study says

Highly pathogenic avian flu found in NYC birds: study

The research may ruffle some feathers.

This hack will let you eat fatty foods like sausage and lose weight: study

If you need an excuse to exercise, this new study may butter you up. 

Simple reason why you're overeating revealed in new study

Researchers call this phenomenon "hedonic compensation" — making up for the loss of pleasure by seeking extra gratification elsewhere.

This incentive will make men 4 times more likely to lose weight

People with obesity are four times more likely to lose weight if they’re offered pounds at the end of their weight loss journey, according to a new study from the...

These diets are best for lowering risk of diseases and cancer: study

Two diets had significant benefits, according to researchers.

One in 2 million 'spider twins' have 3 legs, 4 arms and 1 penis

These conjoined "spider" twins in Indonesia are connected at the pelvis in such a way that they possess three legs, four arms and one penis, a condition so rare that...

Here's why your bad breath won't go away — even after brushing

So you’ve downed a whole pack of tic tacs but still have bad breath? A few things could be to blame, according to experts.

Do you have an inner voice? Here's what it reveals about your brain

The new term "anendophasia" describes the absence of conversations that most people have in their minds.

Surprising time of year when people snack more and workout less — and it's not the holidays

Springing ahead might mean fallbacks for your health.

The scientific reason ginger ale is one of the most popular drinks on flights

There’s a scientific reason why some things taste great on your flight and why others are just plane awful.

Breakthrough gel could stop the harms of alcohol

Raise a glass to science.

Weight training strengthens more than muscles — it also pumps up the brain, study says

Pumping iron has some surprising health benefits.

6 foods to boost your mood — including 1 for people with a sweet tooth

If you're feeling down, donut grab that pastry for comfort.

How premature menopause can cause early death: new study

"To our knowledge, this is the largest study performed on the linkage between premature ovarian insufficiency and mortality risk," one study author said.

One in five food app delivery workers are assaulted on job: study

Nearly 21% of delivery drivers reported being attacked while working for food ordering apps, while 22% claimed they were seriously injured on the job.

Child who was born deaf can now hear whispers and parents clapping for first time thanks to 'mind-blowing' gene therapy: 'We feel so proud'

Opal Sandy is the youngest person to receive the groundbreaking treatment.

How ancient grains can benefit people with Type 2 diabetes

Ancient grains have earned acclaim for their nutritional composition — they're a good source of fiber and protein.

Are cold plunges safe? What you need to know about the health benefits, risks of this celeb-loved trend

"Assuming that everybody responds the same way to cold is extremely dangerous," said François Haman, a health science professor at the University of Ottawa in Canada who has studied cold...

The air in your car could be carcinogenic — here's what to know

Being stuck in traffic might be the least of your worries.