Sunburn or sun poisoning? How to tell if you've gotten too much sun

One-third of adults will experience at least one sunburn this year, statistics show.

I’m a doc — here’s what I want everyone to know about summer sun

There's more to it than just slathering on sunscreen.

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New York City's spectacular solar event known as Manhattanhenge will stun city dwellers this week.

How solar flares affect us energetically and astrologically

Our life-giving death star is experiencing its "solar maximum," which sounds like the name of a Christian rock band and is defined as the peak activity period within the sun's...

'Not done yet!' Sun shoots out biggest solar flare in almost 2 decades -- just days after solar storms hit Earth

The sun produced its biggest flare in nearly two decades Tuesday, just days after severe solar storms pummeled Earth and created dazzling northern lights in unaccustomed places.

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Powerful geomagnetic storm reaches Earth with possible impact on GPS, power grids through Saturday evening

GPS systems, satellite navigation and other technologies could also be impacted.

Rare solar storm to make northern lights visible to most of US: Here's how to see it

Prime time in the New York City area will be between 3 a.m. and sunrise on Saturday morning.

'Severe' geomagnetic solar storm watch triggered for first time in 19 years

The sun is crackling with sunspot energy, and two particular have roared to life. 

Doc reveals tips for picking sunglasses after TikToker warns she paid 'ultimate price'

"In a very professional way, [the eye doctor] pretty much said, ‘You have s---ty-a-- sunglasses, and now you f---ed up your eyes,'" the TikToker shared.

How to tell if you damaged your eyes looking at the solar eclipse

"You don't have nerve endings on the back of your eyeball, so you could be experiencing a burn and not know it," said Michelle Nichols, director of public observing at...

Watch live as the solar eclipse begins path across the US

Follow along as the solar eclipse journeys across the US, momentarily blocking the face of the sun for over 180 million people living along its path.

Our solar system could eventually die by being ground into dust as it is pulled into the sun

Our solar system could eventually die by being ground into dust as it is pulled into the Sun when it becomes a white dwarf, scientists believe.

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The shadow of the moon will soon glide across the United States, dimming the Sun for millions of Americans living in the solar eclipse's path of totality — while a...

Here's the forecast for the 2024 solar eclipse: Cloudy with a chance of disappointment

Hundreds of thousands of eclipse tourists may have paid big bucks to look at overcast skies on Monday.

The Post's official solar eclipse playlist: David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Bonnie Tyler and more

As we count down to the total solar eclipse on Monday, here are 10 tracks to get you in tune with the moon — and the soon-to-be-blocked sun.

Edge of solar eclipse path of totality may slightly shift, experts warn

Based on this new data, locales that were expected to see the total eclipse for a few seconds like Rome, New York; Effingham, Illinois; and Montreal's Cité Jardin park, are...