IRS hit Americans with $7B in tax penalties last year after Biden beefed up agency

Last year, the IRS issued $7 billion in tax penalties -- nearly four times the $1.8 billion that it assessed in 2022.

Trump floats replacing income tax with tariffs: GOP lawmaker

Experts argue that Trump’s idea would not be able to generate the amount of revenue that income taxes bring in and that it could hurt exporters. 

No, the MTA won't collapse without congestion pricing cash

Gov. Hochul’s cancellation of congestion pricing weeks before its start has thrown the state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority into a crisis that requires an immediate solution: She must either reverse course or enact...

Is it possible to get rid of income tax in Georgia?

While Georgians watch their income tax obligations decrease, could state leaders eliminate the burden altogether?

Hochul pauses congestion pricing: Letters to the Editor — June 8, 2024

NY Post readers discuss Gov. Hochul’s eleventh-hour halt on congestion pricing, which was set to take effect in June.

DEI = ‘Didn’t Earn It’, Europe’s harsh laws suppress speech and other commentary

“Perhaps a jeering minority will rid us of today’s most egregiously indefensible phrase: ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,’” hopes John Tierney at City Journal.

Hochul and Adams need to squash congestion pricing, a dud that will slam ALL NYers

Congestion pricing is wildly unpopular with every demographic of New Yorkers, who can see that it's not just a tax on drivers; all city-dwellers and tourists will soon feel a...

The endless language war, liberals' flag lies and other commentary

"That picture of a pine tree is not a right-wing symbol of hate; cowards are turning it into one."

Several NYPD international outposts created to fight terrorism after 9/11 closing after mounting tax troubles

The NYPD has been forced to close several of its highly-touted foreign outposts -- launched after Sept. 11 as a bulwark against terrorism -- because of tax troubles, The Post...

We blew whistle on Hunter Biden case — now we're fighting for truth

Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley and Special Agent Joseph Ziegler explain why they want to be a part of a civil suit the Hunter Biden filed against the IRS —...

Yellen says US opposed to global tax on billionaires: 'That's something we can't sign on to'

Those who back the idea say it would close the wealth inequality gap while allowing governments to spend more on social programs with tax revenues.

IRS whistleblowers ask judge to dismiss Hunter Biden’s lawsuit against tax agency: ‘Conflicts of interest could not be more clear’

Hunter Biden sued the IRS last September over alleged improper leaks of his tax information.

The hate driving antisemitism, Bragg destroys democracy to save it and other commentary

“The ideology of anti-whiteness that has generated what [President] Biden denounces as campus anti-Semitism also governs Biden’s executive branch,” fumes Heather Mac Donald at Spiked.

Dem lawfare erodes US credibility, everyone’s taxes headed up and other commentary

“None” of the civil and criminal cases against Donald Trump has “ever had merit,” huffs Victor Davis Hanson at American Greatness.

NYC has the most millionaires of any large metro area — how long till Dems drive them out?

A recent report found that there are more millionaires in New York City than any other large metro area in the word. If you can make it here . ....

Biden tells a lie a minute during CNN interview

From whoppers about the economy to prevarications on Israel, Biden spun a Fantasyland of a presidency that voters know is false.

Warren Buffett predicts what feds will do to get massive fiscal deficit under control

"I think higher taxes are likely," the billionaire investor said on Saturday at Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholder meeting in Omaha.

'Hidden' $1.4B tax plan would make NYC water bills soar 8.5%

The city plans to charge its own Water Board at least $1.4 billion in rent over four years to lease water and sewer systems.

Sorry, Team Biden: Lower capital-gains taxes aren't racist — higher ones are

As usual, Biden's got everything backwards on the economy. This time on capital gains taxes and racism.