Two twisted female teachers forced out for sexting student, trying to set up foursome: report

Alexsia Saldaris, a first-year teacher, and Jennifer Larson, an 11-year vet, left their jobs in April after an investigation by officials in Janesville, Wisconsin, unearthed the racy Snapchat messages.

4 college instructors stabbed in China while visiting partner university

It's unclear what led up to the stabbing and whether the attack was targeted or random.

Antisemitic hate thrives at NYC's most prestigious public high schools

At Brooklyn Tech, Stuyvesant and Bronx Science, students have been tormented by peers giving Nazi salutes and accusing them of being part of a “genocide" of Palestinians, while school administrators...

Longtime high school teacher quits job over students' cellphone 'addiction': 'They can't put it away'

The frustrated educator believes the phone addiction stems from the closures the schools endured during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused the students to desocialize.

Texas elementary teacher filmed sexually explicit videos in classroom, school bathroom: report

“This woman obviously had lost her damn mind. She needs psychotropic medication."

Maryland elementary teacher accused of sexually assaulting 8 third-grade students

According to charging documents, Child Protective Services interviewed at least eight of 44-year-old Matthew Schlegel's current and former female students, who claim the math teacher molested them.

Autistic student left with busted cheek after teacher slammed pupil against wall in violent caught-on-camera discipline: report

"And if you could zoom in on his face, he's squinching his eyes and his fingers pointed out, and you could tell he was in pain. And I felt that."

Special needs teacher caught sexually abusing student on camera — but the school didn't monitor the video: suit

Classroom cameras at a costly taxpayer-funded boarding school for autistic, mentally ill and emotionally disturbed students captured a biology teacher sexually abusing a boy – but no one monitored the...

Charter schools want NYC to share its 'Do-Not Hire' list of pervy teachers

A charter-school advocate wants to close a loophole that allows predatory teachers fired by the city Department of Education to land classroom jobs in charter and private schools.

Married teacher who was surprised by students on ‘GMA’ is sentenced for having sex with student

The Arkansas teacher who was once surprised on national television by her adoring students has been sentenced to 13 years in federal prison for a sexual assault case involving a...

Long Island teacher accused of tying autistic, nonverbal teen to a chair -- and school waited to tell parents

The student was allegedly bound to his seat in New Hyde Park Memorial High School by a special education teacher named William Buith on April 4, according to a police...

Defiant French teacher who was fired over sex allegations after texting NYC student 28K times loses teaching job — again

An audacious French teacher who was fired by the Department of Education for sexually-charged accusations is finally gone from the charter school where she has been working, The Post has...

'Predator' teacher who had a baby with underage student while on bail for sex with another teen boy is found guilty

Manchester math teacher Rebecca Joynes, 30, was convicted on Friday of having sex with the two underage students who she'd groomed from the age of 15.

Wisconsin teacher busted for 'making out' with 5th grader still being paid her salary

“In her notes she tells him that she loves him, wants to kiss him, he turns her on, and that she is obsessed with him,” the complaint alleged.

Wisconsin teacher allegedly groomed girl, 13, sent hundreds of Snapchat messages

The teacher would offer up suggestive compliments on the girl's appearance, specifically her legs, and regularly send kiss and fire emojis, the complaint alleges.

I'm a teacher — I get a lot of weird gifts, but a cremation coupon is my favorite

Some teachers get apples for Teacher Appreciation Week, others get a push to start end-of-life planning.

Teacher accused of having sex with 2 students tearfully reveals baby she had with one was 'taken away'

The UK teacher who had a baby with an underage student while out on bail for having sex with another teenage boy broke down in court after revealing her newborn...

Schools watchdog begs DOE to ban teacher-student texting in effort to stop sex abuse

Electronic sexual grooming by educators is an ongoing threat to students in NYC public schools -- despite dozens of pleas from school investigators for DOE to stop student-teacher cell-phone contact,...

NYC teacher fired after texting student 28K times, sex allegations, is now teaching at different school: 'Can't f--king touch me'

Dulaina Almonte, a French teacher at Harry S. Truman HS in the Bronx, sent a female student a staggering 28,075 late-night texts over 14 months as kids gossiped that she was...

Drama teacher caught with thousands of files involving minors sentenced after sexually touching students: 'What kind of man would do this?'

A head drama teacher who sexually touched two students before being caught with almost 18,000 abuse files involving children as young as nine has been sentenced to a minimum of...