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Albert the Alligator's owner an emotional wreck after NY takes 750-pound live-in pet away: 'I don't sleep'

Taking away his best friend was a cold-blooded thing to do. An upstate New York man who kept a 750-pound pet alligator in his house is an emotional wreck after...

Upstate NY mom kept toddler locked in homemade cage as photos reveal the stomach-turning conditions: cops

Naesha Lumpkin of Buffalo is facing child endangerment charges after New York State troopers said they found her 2-year-old son was kept in an excrement-filled cage inside her home.

Embattled upstate DA says she will not resign after bodycam showed her berating cop over speeding ticket

“I was elected to serve this community, and I will continue to serve this community," she said.

NY judge may get slap on the wrist after wild caught-on-video brawl over parking spot ended with him shoving cop

A New York judge got a slap on the wrist for a 2020 a shirtless brawl with neighbors sparked by a dispute over a parking spot that ended with him cuffed.

Upstate NY DA Sandra Doorley says she was stressed at work before cursing out cop over speeding ticket

The upstate New York district attorney under fire for berating an “a–hole” cop who pulled her over for speeding apologized on April 29 — and blamed her caught-on-camera outburst on...

Upstate NY DA refuses to stop for speeding, confronts officer

XThcCqWW An upstate New York district attorney refused to stop for cops when she was caught speeding — and instead drove back her house and called the police chief to...

Upstate DA blames 'frightening medical concern' and 'work stress' for cursing out cop over speeding ticket

Sandra Doorley has been taking heat ever since police bodycam footage emerged last week of her bratty encounter with an officer after she was busted speeding near her home.

Hochul refers upstate NY DA to commission that investigates prosecutor conduct following caught-on-camera outburst at cop

“District Attorneys are responsible for prosecuting criminal and traffic offenses, and must perform their duties with the highest ethical standards,” Hochul said.

Upstate NY DA deletes social media after criticism for cursing out cop over speeding ticket

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley has been lambasted since police bodycam footage nabbed her throwing her privilege around and ignoring a Webster, New York, cop who tried to do...

Human skeleton unearthed from Hudson Valley home sparking mystery of its origin

Investigators confirmed that it was that of a "white female approximately between 16 and 28 years of age with extensive dental work present."

Upstate NY pols want hostile DA who refused to stop for speeding, called cop an 'a--hole' to be investigated by AG James: 'Erodes public trust'

All nine members of City Council signed the letter and say they believe the district attorney’s actions should be “thoroughly investigated.”

Upstate NY DA refuses to stop for speeding, drives back home and calls police chief to complain: video

An upstate New York district attorney refused to stop for cops when she was caught speeding -- and instead drove back her house and called the police chief to complain...

Rachael Ray reveals NYC horror stories -- including fighting off teen mugger, biting ex's thumb and throwing 'his s--t' out of window

Before she was famous, Rachael Ray was mugged -- twice -- by a teenage boy outside her Woodside, Queens, apartment.

NY Democrat faked signatures on election petition — including 3 dead people: prosecutors

An suburban New York councilman was charged after he submitted election petitions with fraudulent signatures --- including three dead people, according to prosecutors and a report. Rob Scott, 44, a...

Volunteers scramble to rescue Torah scrolls buried in rubble after NY synagogue burns down

Volunteers rushed to rescue three sacred Torah scrolls buried beneath the rubble of the Chassidim of the Heights synagogue after it burned down.

Upstate NY officers killed in shootout with gun-wielding madman ID'd

“This is a dark day for Syracuse,” city Mayor Ben Walsh said earlier Monday. “This is our worst nightmare come true.”

An upstate swath of land set a precedent for homeownership in America -- now part of it asks $4.38M

In Dutchess County, a portion of a 68,000-acre parcel sold in a 1683 treaty eventually allowed colonials to buy property is now ready for its next generation.

NY Elvis impersonator allegedly killed after being chloroformed during sex encounter: report

A retired chiropractor from upstate New York allegedly killed an Elvis impersonator by chloroforming him during a sexual encounter.

LI doctor who died during family road trip should never have been in RV, Airstream says

The Long Island doctor who was fatally thrown out of her family's Airstream should never have been in the RV while it was in motion, the company said.