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'Insane' beauty hack hailed as a 'must-have' for women's hair removal: 'I’m actually freaking out over this'

Beauty influencers are busy making a big fuzz about the most cutting-edge primping tool to date: “Hair identifier spray.” 

Here's why you should never wear makeup on a plane — and expert tips for what to do instead

Fasten your seat belts — it’s gonna be a glam-free ride. 

Waitress fired for posting viral video of man dining with a blow-up doll

Tara Bjork posted the viral footage on May 27. She was fired soon after, she claimed.

Tiktokker's 'look counter' of man allegedly staring at her on supermarket line backfires

The video, which has since gone viral, has sparked debate as many pointed out that he was simply waiting his turn and not being creepy.

I'm a flight attendant — here's why you should never get drunk before a flight

“It’s not me just like being a buzzkill.” 

Would you scramble eggs in boiling water? Chef sparks outrage with hack

In her most recent viral video, Chef Bethany claimed that scrambling eggs in boiling water will make the "fluffiest scrambled eggs."

Uber driver goes viral on TikTok for surprising riders with karaoke singalongs

Florida Uber driver Linda Swann Fox surprises riders with karaoke singalongs and is hitting all the right notes on social media.

NJ teen nails 'diabolical' headstand and split on stage at high school graduation

Most high school seniors look forward to tossing their caps and turning their tassels at graduation. She raised the bar.

'Looking for a man in finance' audio creator Megan Boni dishes life after going viral: full interview

She was a woman on a mission… in search of the richest, tallest, and dreamiest finance bro in all the land. Megan Boni shared a 19-second-long video of, what she...

China's most famous waterfall goes viral after video reveals embarrassing discovery

"I didn't expect to meet everyone this way," officials from Yuntai Mountain Geopark — adopting the persona of the waterfall — posted on social media after being outed.

Gen-Zers are so obsessed with this $40 purse, they're hiring people across the country to search for it

Self-proclaimed "beaded bag girl" Phillips, 26, has collected 40 embellished purses in just a month and spent a little over $1,000.

'Literally stop' Dad goes viral for his five hilarious 'rules' for parenting teens

Parenting teenagers is really in a class all on its own, and it appears Chip Leighton, a comedian and dad has really hit a nerve by sharing his rules for what not...

Bird lands on White House reporter's head right before live broadcast in wild caught-on-camera moment

A bird landed on top of a White House reporter's head right before she was set to go live in a wild on-camera moment that left her nearly speechless.

Saga of man who appeared before judge while driving with suspended license takes another wild turn — as he's arrested again

"He has never had a Michigan license. Ever,” the judge declared — then ordered him jailed for yet another charge of driving without a valid license.

California cop caught on video kicking teen shoplifter in the face slapped with charges

Gonzalo Zendejas, 39, faces one count of assault under color of authority for the June 2021 beatdown, which was caught on camera.

'Paws in' viral trend has pet owners going nuts about their dogs' new trick

The latest trend among pet owners and their furry friends has social media users participating in the viral (and arguably adorable) "paws in" challenge.

Women are celebrating their Ozempic weight loss — by getting boob jobs: 'T-ts on a stick'

“Losing the weight, getting the breast augmentation — it's self-care that makes me feel good about me.”

Everyone says my dog looks exactly like Will Ferrell: 'Spitting image'

A 3-year-old fluffball has caused the internet to go into a frenzy over her remarkable resemblance to actor Will Ferrell.