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Eating less might help you live longer, but not all scientists agree.

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She's revealing the ugly tooth about her beautiful new teeth.

How to care for your teeth if you can't see the dentist: experts

Brushing up on your dental hygiene at home could keep you healthier for longer. 

Bird flu virus now found in milk, is of “great concern” to WHO

Cases of avian flu in humans are extremely rare in the US, but concern is growing.

Why smoking pot gives you the munchies, according to cannabis research

The munchies are real — even science says so.

72-year-old patient had COVID for record 613 days, accumulated over 50 virus mutations before it killed him

“The duration of infection in this case is extreme.”

I'm a doctor — here's what to know about rising cancer rates in young people

Researchers aren't totally sure why rates continue to rise in those under 50.

Lilly's weight-loss drug reduces sleep apnea severity in late-stage trials

Eli Lilly (LLY.N), opens new tab said on Wednesday its weight-loss drug helped reduce episodes of irregular breathing associated with a common sleep-related disorder in two late-stage trials, paving the way for...

Cases of disease caused by rat urine are rising — how to stay safe

Better watch out for this rat pack.

'Shopaholic' author Sophie Kinsella reveals brain cancer battle: 'A difficult time'

"I've wanted for a long time to share with you a health update and I've been waiting for the strength to do so," she penned Wednesday on Instagram.

Having trouble sleeping? Stop eating this food right now

What you eat during the day can have a surprising impact on how well you sleep at night, according to experts.

Doc reveals 'mind-blowing health tip' you should do to your toothbrush nightly

Time to brush up your nightly routine.

Mom brand uses porn star in NSFW pregnancy and postpartum products ad: 'Women deserve better'

Asa Akira, 39, an adult film star and mother of two, has been tapped by motherhood brand, Frida, to bare her bust and more in ads for its pre- and...

Trader Joe's basil linked to salmonella outbreak — what to know about the foodborne illness

Fresh basil sold at Trader Joe's locations across the country have been voluntarily recalled after being linked to a spike in salmonella infections.

I'm a dietitian — here's how to eat just one chocolate and feel satisfied

If you crave sweets, here's some encourage-mint.

Ozempic use appears to be changing people's personalities —experts think they know why

“Hunger is specifically for food but it’s more general than that, it activates craving for a lot of things," Dr Kent Berridge said.

Lack of sleep could be a factor in a 'silent epidemic,' shares the same effects of alcoholism: expert

More than a third of adults fail to get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep each night — and the scarcity of shuteye can have a surprising effect.

Popular snacks could be banned in certain states over cancer fears

Now this is a cereal killer. Some of Americans’ favorite snacks and classic candies could be banned in several states due to cancer-causing chemicals in their ingredients.  These foods include...