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I gave birth to a stranger's baby at 27 — being a surrogate paid for the $500,000 house of my dreams

A single mother of one helped a couple have a child of their own through surrogacy — using the proceeds to buy her and her daughter their dream house. Teale Kelley,...

I canceled my wedding to get married at an NYC hospital so my dad could see me one last time before he died

"My dad was one of my biggest supporters. He had to be there.”

I'm a super-commuter hairstylist — I fly over 600 miles to NYC for work at a salon and I don't mind it

Super Commuter Kaitlin Jay, a hairdresser from Charlotte, North Carolina, travels nearly 700 miles from home to her post at a hair salon on the Upper West Side every other...

9-year-old girl deadlifts 165 pounds — 3 times her body weight — in wild video

She put the "her" in "Hercules."

Our solar system could eventually die by being ground into dust as it is pulled into the sun

Our solar system could eventually die by being ground into dust as it is pulled into the Sun when it becomes a white dwarf, scientists believe.

Connecticut police officer forms strong bond with baby girl he saved five years ago: 'We're family'

The strong bond between a Connecticut police officer and a baby girl whose life he saved five years ago continues to shine a light on the power of human connection...

Inside the Rockette auditions where 800 dancers, now cut to 200, hope to be 'Spectacular'

The Post got an exclusive glimpse into day two of auditions on Thursday, those who didn't make it took the bad break like champs — keeping a neutral face with...

Marine who lost arm in Afghanistan makes his own superhero-like prosthetic — now he can lift up to 400 lbs

"Bro is Johnny Silverhand," one admiring TikToker quipped.

These celebrity portraits are 'like the Mona Lisa' — but with wacky emojis

Her inspiration comes from whatever — or whoever — is in the cultural zeitgeist.

I’m 6'10 and have the world’s longest legs — here's how I date and shop for clothes

It's a tall order having these gargantuan gams.

10-year-old cancer survivor becomes honorary member of the New York Rangers

"If I hadn't been introduced to the Ronald McDonald House, or if people who donate hadn't made it possible, I don't know where my daughter would be right now," her...

World's oldest man, whose secret was a daily shot of booze, dead at 114

The Venezuelan's secret to life — hard work, going to bed early and "drinking a glass of aguardiente," a local distilled spirit.

Mom stunned to give birth to twins 22 days apart: 'Genuinely couldn’t believe it'

"To this day, I still can’t find a woman in the UK who can beat 22 days," said Kayleigh Doyle, 22.

NJ mom conquers brain surgery fears — by singing Taylor Swift songs throughout the life-saving procedure

"Basically, she did the Eras Tour for us," her surgeon quipped.

Long-time Chelsea Hotel resident offers intimate look at celeb neighbors with new photo retrospective

Photographer Tony Notarberardino has enjoyed three decades of privileged access to the comings and goings of the Chelsea Hotel’s cast of characters, from Dee Dee Ramone to Grace Jones to...

Traveler's ashes — along with her cat's remains blasted into space in emotional, out of this world tribute

"It was emotional, but special, knowing this was exactly what Elizabeth wanted," her sister said. "She would have been elated with the outcome, as were we all."