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Graduation 2024 is going to be all about Israel-Gaza war

This week’s University of Southern California valedictorian speech controversy, where university officials canceled their anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian speaker due to security concerns, is more than a mere news item — it’s a foreshadow things to...

Layoffs at Tesla reveal the need for fresh 'green' thinking

Tens of billions of dollars in subsidies for electric vehicles. Billions more coming to subsidize charging stations. Non-stop jibberjabber about “sustainable” this and “Green New Deal” that. Endless moral preening from the...

Why the Trump campaign is chasing LGBT voters

Fed up with Pres. Biden's extremest agenda, many LGBT voters are increasingly siding with Trump

Migrants' rally for working rights and more: Letters to the Editor — April 21, 2024

NY Post readers discuss migrants rallying at city hall for work permits and more.

After blocking Alejandro Mayorkas' impeachment trial, Dems' border plan is to hope no one's watching

Senate Democrats who quashed the impeachment trial for Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas now have no plan to end the border crisis — other than to hope Americans stop paying attention.

Scratch a 'defender of democracy' like Eric Ciaramella — he's a venal Biden hack

Erica Ciaramella blew the whistle on Trump fro something bis former boss Joe Biden also did. Pure hypocrisy.

Israel's response is just a start in stopping Iran’s reach

Israel’s retaliatory strike Thursday night against Iran was remarkably restrained.

Firing anti-Israel subversives is a good start, but Google's Sundar Pichai has a long way to go

It looks like Google finally got around to googling Winston Churchill’s famous quote: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

Israel's strike on Iran is not escalation — leave that to Biden & Co.

Blame Biden for the widening war in the Middle East, not Israel's justified counterattacks.

How Alvin Bragg made (preposterous) history with Donald Trump's case

Alvin Bragg is to be commended for getting to trial on the Trump hush-payments case. 

Hochul's crackdown means a sad 4/20 for illegal weed dealers, but good news for New York

Crucially, it allows the New York City Sherriff to deputize NYPD officers to close down stores, giving a much-needed manpower boost to enforcement of weed laws.

Bipartisanship and Mike Johnson's leadership prevail on Ukraine, Israel aid

Three cheers for bipartisanship and the leadership of Speaker Mike Johnson: When push came to shove, they carried the day as the House voted 316-94 Friday to advance urgent foreign-aid...

Dems, like Bob Casey, who backed Biden's war on energy will pay for it this November

Energy is on the ballot this November, and the chickens are coming to roost for Democratic policymakers who’ve backed President Biden’s hostility toward our fossil-fuel industry.

Shoplifting is turning NYC into a ghost town, we have to fight back

New York City is suffering a retail catastrophe, with 11.2% of storefronts empty — nearly twice the 6% of 2019.

Trump's not-so-impartial jury: Letters to the Editor — April 20, 2024

NY Post readers discuss jurors selected for Donald’s Trump criminal trial involving alleged hush money payments.

The high cost of COVID $timulus, NPR CEO’s censorship and other commentary

Attorney General Merrick Garland boasted of recovering over $1.4 billion in COVID relief funds yet “that’s only a fraction” of the stimulus money “swiped by scam artists,” says Reason’s J.D....

NYC squatters get the OK sign with no bail for the Queens thug who sublet rooms during his takeover

Brian Rodriguez tried to steal a woman's house out from under her and got rewarded with zero bail and supervised release: more proof it's open season on the law abiding...

Blame shoplifting scourge, blasé lawmakers for worst case of storefront vacancies since COVID

Per the city Department of Finance, more than 11% of Big Apple storefronts now sit empty, discouraging nearby commerce and attracting disorder.

Universities like Columbia must end the double standard and stop tolerating campus antisemitism

Columbia University’s president and other college administrators have stated that the chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is permissible political speech.

Instead of pushing regime change in Israel, Biden should support it in Iran

The goal must be removal of the ayatollahs ruling and ruining Iran and making sure free and fair elections are held to replace them.