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These 3 zodiac signs will totally blow their tax return this year

The only certainties in life are death and taxes — and if you're alive in America today, folks, the latter is knocking on your door.

The best 7 high-yield checking accounts: Earn more on your money

By choosing the right high-yield checking account, you can maximize your earnings and manage your money more effectively.

Chime Credit Builder review: Unique way to build credit, but not much else

Chime Credit Builder’s lack of fees and security deposit make this card a good choice to build your credit.

College student asks money question everyone wants answered

A young Australian Gen Zer posed a question about her finances, and the answers were nothing short of surprising.

Former NFL star reflects on financial mistakes, warns current players: 'It's a short career

Former NFL star Wale Ogunleye uses his experience in finance to help emerging athletes prepare for the future, and prevent them from spending every penny before retirement.

Inflation has made these US cities the most likely to ruin your wallet: experts

Researchers at Wallet Hub analyzed statistics from the consumer price index for 23 major metropolitan regions to find out which have been hit hardest by inflation.

I'm a Walmart employee — here are 8 ways to save money and time shopping there

The advice comes amid the news that recent Walmart shoppers may be entitled to up to $500 after a $45 million lawsuit was settled regarding customers being overcharged.

Mom of 14 reveals how much she spends on household essentials: 'Well-oiled machine'

"Your family are your treasure and when you start to see wealth in family, it’s easy," Sarah Wolfgramm enthused.

Gen Z TikTokkers reveal how much how they budget their finances in hot new 'payday routines' trend

One trend, however, is rawer than most as creators are sharing very transparently how they divvy up their paychecks each week. 

You're budgeting wrong now — why the 50/30/20 method no longer works and how much you should save instead

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's 50/30/20 method was once touted as a gold standard for budgeting, fortifying followers for a strong financial future while still allowing them to enjoy their day-to-day lives.

Beat airlines at their own game: How to use credit cards to avoid baggage fees

By using credit cards with travel credits, free checked bags, and other perks, travelers can avoid paying rising airline baggage fees.

The best rewards credit cards to combat inflation blues

Maximize your credit card rewards to offset higher prices and protect your purchasing power.

8 savings habits that will make you rich

Getting rich involves consistent saving, spending smartly, minimizing debt, and automating finances.

CIT Bank High-Yield Savings Review: Is the 5.05% APY worth it?

CIT Bank's 5.05% APY on its savings blows away most banks' rates. But the balance requirement makes it better...

CD rates may be peaking. Should you lock away your money now?

Though today's CD yields look attractive, maintaining some liquidity maximizes your ability to earn higher returns as economic conditions change.

Aspire cashback reward card review: Is 3% back worth the fees?

The Aspire Cashback Card allows those with lower credit to earn cash back rewards without a security deposit requirement but charges a few costly fees.

Bad credit? You can still get approved for these 7 cards

Using secured cards and other options for those with poor or fair credit can help you build good financial habits.

The fast, easy guide to sending cash with your credit card

While sending money with a credit card is fairly easy, consider potential fees, interest charges, and cash advance costs before proceeding.

Gen Z least financially confident generation: survery

A new WalletHub survey finds a substantial 57% of Gen Zers prefer savings accounts as their investment method.

Capital One may buy Discover: How your wallet could be affected

The proposed merger of Discover and Capital One could mean more personalized bank products for customers — but also potentially fewer rewards and higher fees.