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'The Golden Bachelor' divorce highlights the many hardships of geriatric dating

Divorce attorney stresses importance of having 'right conversations' in mature, complex relationships.

My sex addiction took over my life and nearly drove me to suicide: 'I hurt people'

"I'm very big in my ego unfortunately, and that's kind of one of the reasons why I am a sex addict, it's because I do have a big ego and...

Women's butt sizes around the world revealed — which countries have the biggest and smallest

Here's who has big butts — and we cannot lie.

'Bachelor' alum Nick Viall says show is 'controlled environment': 'Feeling in love' doesn't always mean you are

"That is a show that obviously is a very controlled environment. It's designed to elicit very strong emotions," Nick Viall told The Post.

The once-a-week sex hack that can save your marriage

Feel like you're going from soulmates to housemates? This mum has a simple, five-minute solution that could change everything.

'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger says men are intimidated by women now: 'Nobody knows the rules anymore'

Stanger has teamed up with Nick Viall, of "The Bachelor" fame, for the new series "Patti Stanger: The Matchmaker."

Singles are not how Hollywood glamorously depicts them, study finds

Posh parties, glitzy girls’ night outs and weekends spent lounge-hopping around NYC: it’s the exaggerated social life of partnerless people in cutesy rom-coms.

Proof women are meant to have multiple lovers at the same time

Marrying and settling down may not be the answer to women’s happiness – in fact, it could be much more X-rated than that, says Jana Hocking.

Woman breaks down how she reveals she's not skinny to dates

A woman has revealed the pervasive thoughts she has, and the wild steps she takes to counteract them, ahead of a first date.

I used ChatGPT to score over 5K Tinder matches — now I'm engaged to a woman who talked to a bot

“I proposed to a girl with whom ChatGPT had been communicating for me for a year,” said the 23-year-old software developer.

Lovelorn flyer makes mid-flight plea for a 'rich husband' on plane in viral video

"It's not because I'm materialistic or shallow. I know what I want, and I'm unapologetic about pursuing it," she said about her in-flight declaration.

Woman abruptly cancels date with man who sent her voice message that exposed him as 'walking ick'

“I don’t need them vibes on a Saturday night,” she told the man.

Viral 'black cat, golden retriever' dating theory is toxic — here's why

A viral dating tip that promises to ensure your relationship “will last” could actually lead to its demise, Aussie experts have warned.

Famous chef allegedly 'ghosted' wife and babies for new identity in another state: 'Gone without a trace'

This philandering chef cooked up a real mess for his former family.

Gen Z is 'falling for' ChatGPT's dark alter ego DAN after it reveals 'naughty' sex fantasies

Some users are developing crushes on the flirty macho male voice, comparing it to a digital Christian Grey with steamy "Fifty Shades of Grey" tendencies. "I think I'm low-key falling...

Most promiscuous countries in the world revealed: Here's how America scores

"The average number of sexual partners can vary significantly from country to country, as cultural norms can have a significant impact on the number of people someone has sex with,"...

‘Proof’ men are bad in bed revealed in study: 'Tell us something we don’t already know'

Guys who like to brag about their bedroom skills may want to look away now because science has just proven men aren’t as high-achieving between the sheets as they’d like...

I'm a porn star — here's my number one tip for men who want to have more sex

“For a while I was self conscious about it but then I just sort of embraced it," porn star Johnny Sins said about his short hair cut.

The biggest mistake men make on dating apps revealed — and the simple way to fix it

This tip is guaranteed to get men more 'likes.'

If you’re doing this, you’re cheating: podcasters

Two Aussie blokes have sparked a huge debate about what constitutes cheating, and what doesn’t, exposing the relationship issue has become a much more complex question in 2024.