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Mom 'terrified' to discover baby she was caring for in hospital wasn't hers — here's how she found out

Maisie Beth, 22, gave birth to her daughter Isabelle last September.

I used to judge parents for leashing their kids -- now I insist on reining them in

A mother-of-two has shared a candid TikTok video, opening up about a major change in her perspective after becoming a mom.

Giving my kids dessert with breakfast and dinner has been a game-changer — other moms don't understand

Shunning the toxic diet-culture norms of the 1980s, ’90s and early aughts, Gen Alpha and Gen Z moms are now creatively incorporating confections into their kids' everyday lives.

Is 'Bluey' ending? Parents are freaking out over 'The Sign' episode

"It is the question on everybody's lips. No, it is not the end for for 'Bluey.' I'm sure we have many more surprises in store for you." -- "Bluey" producer Sam...

I'm a wedding nanny—parents leave their kids with me to party with the bride and groom

Sandra Weir isn’t a wedding crasher. But her name’s hardly ever on the guest lists of the nuptials she attends. Still, the New Yorker gets to applaud happy couples on their big...

Teen complains about having 'white grandma' name: 'My life is over bro'

"I thought your name was going to be Mildred or Ethel or something," one person wrote. "Literally no one is cringing or noticing anything in particular when they hear your...

I gave birth at 50 after 11 years of trying for a baby — trolls say it's 'shameful'

"Isn't it miraculous how motherhood found me after exhausting all options medically and being at the end of my journey?" enthused Tatiana Kaplan, 54.

NYC mom fined for letting 4-year-old pee in park: ‘Absolutely insane’

Oh, the places you'll go...

My nose ballooned when I got pregnant — it's still not back to normal 2 years later

"My nose was wider and more round. It filled up as if someone pumped it like a balloon," said Gabriela Garrido. "It was like Pinocchio when his nose grows out."

I'm not pregnant or dating — I'm not even sure I want kids — but I'm buying a bunch of baby clothes

"I can always gift [the saved clothes] at baby showers if I don’t give them to my own kids, which is a bit of a sad thought," sighed Katie Wood,...

My teenage son asked me to dress more modestly because his friends think I'm hot

After trying to have “an open and understanding conversation” with her son and acknowledging that his feelings are valid, she’s struggling to navigate her self-identity with her son’s requests: “This...

My 8-year-old daughter's birthday party had issue after issue -- I'm thinking about getting a refund

A mom has taken to Reddit to ask for advice on whether she should seek a refund after her eight-year-old daughter's birthday party at an indoor play center was punctuated by issue after issue.

I was chastised for wearing this outfit to the local library -- is it really that bad?

A mom is going viral on social media after sharing how she was "chastised" for the outfit she wore to the baby story time at her local library.

Lonesome kids are more likely to suffer psychosis as adults — and it's way worse for women: study

The findings highlight “a concerning trend and underscore the importance of addressing social connectedness and emotional well-being from an early age," said one researcher.

Mom divides parents after bringing her 11-year-old son into a women's changing room: 'He was taller than me'

When it comes to the do's and don'ts of public changing rooms, a mom has seriously divided opinions online.

Meet the unapologetically posh 'Sephora kids' — and their supportive moms who let them shine

Sophia, 11, enjoys being the mini preen queen amongst her friends. “I love getting compliments,” she said. “It helps me feel [good about] myself.” 

Mom of 14 reveals how much she spends on household essentials: 'Well-oiled machine'

"Your family are your treasure and when you start to see wealth in family, it’s easy," Sarah Wolfgramm enthused.