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My year of casual sex: I set out to be 'fearless' in the bedroom — but what actually happened will horrify you

Writer Kitty Ruskin is sharing her experience in the new book "Ten Men: A Year of Casual Sex."

Texas shelter dog becomes impressive police K-9 as he combats fentanyl crisis

A shelter dog has found a new mission in life as a drug-sniffing police K-9 — a transformation that took place just months after the pup was rescued from the...

Dear Abby: I hate being touched -- but people act like it's a joke

Dear Abby weighs in on a mailer who hates being touched, and a daughter who worries about loosing touch with her remarried father.

'Swastika' Chandra banned from Uber App for unusual first name

A woman was banned from using any Uber services for her unusual first name.

Animal idioms we can't resist: Why do we say ‘cat got your tongue’ and other popular phrases?

Phrases like 'cat got your tongue' and others have deeper meanings

Being a top earner on OnlyFans has 'made me a better mom'

Honeyy Brooks isn't your average mom or your typical content creator.

The bold new way to publicly announce your break up: 'Like a press release'

Announcing a break up to friends, family, colleagues and casual acquaintances can almost be as stressful as the end of the relationship itself.

Inside the world of a 'silent' nun

Catherine Coldstream spent 12 years as a nun in a traditional Carmelite monastery in Northumberland, England. The Akenside Priory, as she writes in her new memoir, “Cloistered,” was contemplative, which meant...

Taylor Swift-inspired pet names surge ahead of 'Tortured Poets Department' release

Taylor Swift fans are known to give their fur babies monikers inspired by the pop star -- and there was a recent spike in this Swiftie tradition ahead of the...

Here are the uniquely urban hazards that endanger NYC dogs

Limbs caught in revolving doors and lethal rat poison on the sidewalk are just a couple of the quintessentially urban hazards that Big Apple pooches face, according to a city-based...

How Salman Rushdie survived his assassin

In his new book, Knife, author Salman Rushdie discusses almost being killed by an assassin.

The best 4/20 food deals you need to satisfy your munchies

With 4/20 activities come the munchies — which are a real thing.

Spanish hospital enlists therapy dogs to boost ICU patients' morale

"It’s great to have someone that loves you more than anything else in the world.”

Cronut creator Dominique Ansel has come up with the craziest bagel ever

Cronut creator Dominique Ansel has teamed up with SoHo's PopUp Bagels to offer one shell of a take on a bagel and cream cheese.  This weekend only, Dominique Ansel Bakery...

'Nutritionist created' vegan pancake mix recalled over ‘undeclared’ milk allergen

A vegan pancake mix sold nationwide has been urgently recalled over concerns about an “undeclared allergen."

I'm a dermatologist — these 4 things 'completely transformed' my skin

Beauty is skin deep — especially if you’re a dermatologist. 

Could this diet actually help you live longer?

Eating less might help you live longer, but not all scientists agree.

Why a 'situationship' like Taylor Swift’s with Matty Healy is so heartbreaking: dating experts

How can such a casual fling leave someone so "Down Bad"?