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Animal idioms we can't resist: Why do we say ‘cat got your tongue’ and other popular phrases?

Phrases like 'cat got your tongue' and others have deeper meanings

Stunned tourists photobombed by selfie-taking macaque in Bali

A cheeky monkey perhaps proved that we're more closely related than we think after it seemingly took a selfie with two British tourists Chloe and Craig Dennis while they were...

We made a freaky discovery while cleaning the toilet in our 700-year-old home

UK couple Rory and Tracy Vorster realized every child's worst nightmare after discovering a "monster" underneath the toilet of their 700-year-old home.

Dead man wheeled into bank by niece may have been poisoned

Paulo Roberto Braga, 68, died on Tuesday and was later brought to a bank by his niece.

Farmers find bizarre way to stop 'naughty' sheep from fighting: 'It’s like when you see drunk men'

In the rolling green hills of the UK's farmlands, the spirited rams are spritzed with this familiar pungent perfume to keep them from butting heads — no, really.

Drunk vultures found 'actively dying' until wildlife refuge helped 'detox' them

A pair of energetic black vultures celebrated a day early for the solar eclipse on April 8 in Watertown by dumpster diving. They eventually stumbled upon something sufficiently fermented to cause serious inebriation. 

Footage shows woman who used dead uncle to 'sign' bank loan arriving by taxi -- with driver helping move body

Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes claimed she didn't know her uncle was dead.

I applied for 4 jobs — I was horrified by what I put on my resume by accident

"I was just in shock that I'd let that slip by," the 21-year-old said of her "silly and stupid" gaffe.

I was shocked when friends flocked to congratulate me after posting a simple selfie — can you spot the optical illusion?

"The lighting was good so I thought I'd take a photo to post on social media and I just didn't realize," the young woman admitted.

Unearthed skeletons reveal prehistoric Mafia-style torture-killings

The bodies of two women buried more than 5,500 years ago are suspected to be victims of human sacrifice, researchers suggest.

Mom 'terrified' to discover baby she was caring for in hospital wasn't hers — here's how she found out

Maisie Beth, 22, gave birth to her daughter Isabelle last September.

Brazilian woman brazenly wheels elderly man's corpse into bank to co-sign a loan for her: 'Uncle, are you listening?'

In a mind-boggling scene straight out of "A Weekend at Bernie's," a Brazilian woman reportedly wheeled the corpse of an elderly man into a Rio de Janeiro bank Tuesday to...

Couple uncovers hidden well while renovating their living room: 'Jumped in looking for treasure'

"I've watched 'The Ring' though, and 'Silence of the Lambs,' so I'm a bit freaked out by it as well as excited," one of the owners confessed.

A Wordle player was caught cheating on a flight — and the TSA thought it was hilarious

"As a daily New York Times Wordle player who takes the game more seriously than one should, I was shocked at what I was seeing — thank goodness for 9x zoom!" the...

People are making 'digital clones' of themselves — to do their work for them

Holistic health advocate Deepak Chopra, 77, is one of several people who have digitally "cloned" themselves — his lifelike-AI fills in on Zoom calls.

'Eggplant deformity': Man suffers shocking fractured penis from rolling while sleeping

The patient required emergency surgery to fend off long-term problems regarding urination or sexual function from the member-bending debacle.

World's first AI beauty pageant to award hottest bot $13K — here's who really gets the money

They’re all real beauties, faux show. 

Teen gets quarter stuck in throat during ill-advised stunt — even doctors were shocked 

This illustrated the perils of putting one's money where their mouth is.