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Google Maps and Search updates find more economic ways to get around

When determining what's the best route to your destination, there are more factors to consider than directions.

Uber's 50 most bizarre lost items list includes turtle, paternity test, 'fake butt'

Ride-share company Uber released the eighth annual Uber Lost & Found Index on Wednesday.

Tourists ruined this beautiful Hawaiian attraction — so it’s being demolished

Despite the financial deterrent and the dangerous terrain, daredevils, sightseers and social media content creators continued to ascend the stairs.

'Worst' 4-star hotel hilariously mocks guests who leave bad reviews

Often seen as an oasis for the rich and famous, California's luxury Petit Ermitage Hotel has become renowned for something else entirely.

TikToks barred at this popular Barcelona subway station — here's why

A viral trend encouraged tourists to place their phones on the escalator steps to record the view as visitors emerged above ground with the Sagrada Familia in the background.

A Wordle player was caught cheating on a flight — and the TSA thought it was hilarious

"As a daily New York Times Wordle player who takes the game more seriously than one should, I was shocked at what I was seeing — thank goodness for 9x zoom!" the...

This restaurant gives a free bottle of wine — but you have to give up your phone

"We wanted to open a restaurant that was different from the others," Al Condominio owner Angelo Lella said.

Reclining economy airline seats are going to vanish — for good, aviation experts say

Is the recline on the decline amid concerns over space, fuel costs and even inflight skirmishes?

What air travelers need to know before booking summer vacations this year: experts

Travelers may even be able to score a better deal than last year, especially if you're looking to visit Orlando, Miami or Las Vegas.

I traveled to 18 countries for only $7,500 -- here's my financial secret

Robert Michelsen, 21, solo travelled around Europe and visited countries including Portugal, Serbia, Croatia and Poland over the course of eight months.

The National Park you should visit this spring based on your zodiac sign

In honor of spring, we've designated a National Park that suits the spirit of each zodiac sign.

Canary Islands residents call for hunger strike to protest explosion of tourists: 'A cancer consuming the island'

With the skyrocketing number of visitors, locals are sleeping in cars and caves as soaring housing and rental prices have made the area unaffordable for many area.

The best fast food restaurants in America, ranked — is your favorite on the list?

You'll flip for these burgers — and more.

Airplane pilot reveals why passengers 'should not be scared' of unnerving turbulence

It's not the sign of the air-pocalypse that people think it is.

Why Oakland renaming airport to include 'San Francisco' is causing controversy

Officials in California are mulling over the idea of adding neighboring San Francisco into the name of Metropolitan Oakland International Airport.

I lost my AirTag on an Alaska Airlines flight — it's traveled to 37 cities

"I’ve been all over the US, parts of Europe and Asia. Keep trying, little AirTag!"