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The National Park you should visit this spring based on your zodiac sign

In honor of spring, we’ve designated a National Park that suits the spirit of each zodiac sign.

These 3 zodiac signs will totally blow their tax return this year

The only certainties in life are death and taxes — and if you’re alive in America today, folks, the latter is knocking on your door.

Dear gods, when will it end? Why April is an astrological nightmare

We’re midway through April and nowhere near the end of the drama, folks.

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3 zodiac signs most likely to be billionaires revealed — did you make the cut?

In a surprise to absolutely no one, 88% of billionaires are male, 65% are white, and 90% are 50 or older.

Solar eclipse 2024 wasn't the end of drama: The biggest astrological event comes later this month

Eclipse drama is just the beginning. April 20 brings a rare conjunction that promises chaos, change, freedom and upheaval.

When is the next total solar eclipse?

After the action and the emotional wreckage of the April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse, when will the United States witness this wonder again? Read on to learn more.

Wear these 2 colors on April 8 to maximize the experience

The cosmic event of the decade is upon us.

Solar eclipse 2024 rituals: An exorcist reveals how to balance energy and clear the way for change

Darkness cometh, my babies, but an expert is on hand to explain how to navigate in the dark and find a path forward within it.

Solar eclipse 2024: Four zodiac signs that need to be on high alert

The energy of this eclipse is a disembarkation, shedding skin and wading/walking/stumbling raw and renewed into our next stage of being. Bring on the pain and the path forward.

Why is everyone angry and on edge? How the solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde stir the pot

The breezy, daffodil-sprouting, hope-heavy energy of spring has been unceremoniously hijacked — and the vibes, as the kids say, are most certainly awry.

How to survive Mercury retrograde: Tips and exercises for each zodiac sign

The most maligned of all planetary transits is upon us star babies. How can you survive and thrive during this month's Mercury retrograde in Aries? Read on to learn more.

7 hacks to stay positive and productive during Mercury retrograde 2024

The first Mercury retrograde of 2024 is upon us. Here's how to survive and thrive when the planet of the mind and the mouth starts acting out.

Why Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to learn a new language

Despite its association with misfires, missed connections and miscommunications, Mercury retrograde is actually an ideal time to begin learning a new language — here's why.

Mercury retrograde tips and tricks for avoiding dating disasters

'Tis the most maligned time of the year, when the planet of communication slows its proverbial roll and wreaks havoc on our travel plans and best efforts at clear communication.

Mercury retrograde is here — why some people stop dating during these trying times

It's the most maligned time of the year — when Mercury, our smooth-talking, fleet-footed planet of communication, currency, tech, and exchange, slows its proverbial roll.

What solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde mean for April zodiac signs — buckle up!

Welcome to the hot pants and hellfire season of the ram, folks. Aries energy is about as subtle as a flaming codpiece, and I'll give it to you straight: April...

Equinox myths debunked — from eggs to equal night and daylight

Because the spring equinox equates to the first match strike of fiery Aries season, there's plenty of smoke around the myth and meaning of this day of days.

Totally ready for April's total eclipse? Where, when and how to witness the event of the decade

On April 8, 2024, the shadow of the moon will move across the land of the free, blotting out the sun and darkening the days of millions in a total...

Kate Middleton is a Capricorn queen — how her sign has impacted her Photoshop drama

While her title is HRH The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, with her impeccable tailoring, steely reserve, penchant for "editing," and avoidance of vulnerability is every strategic stitch a Capricorn...

Leverage luck and numerology to increase your odds of winning the lotto

Numerology is the belief the sacred or mystical relationship between a number and a person or coinciding events.

Gen Z is the most free and freakiest about sex — astrology reveals why

Why is Gen Z more sexually free than generations that came before? Blame it on the placement of death daddy planet Pluto in freewheeling Sagittarius. Read on to learn more.

Here comes the new moon in Pisces — sit still in the dark and listen close

The dark side of the moon is on the rise, folks. On March 10, 2024, the new moon in Pisces peaks at 4:59 AM EST, coinciding with our leap, or wade...

Find out which Oscar 2024-nominated movie matches your zodiac sign

It's that time of the year when red carpets unfurl, cleavage heaves and the academy recognizes and gilds the cinematic achievements of the year past.