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'The Wiz' Broadway review: We're off to see the cheap national tour!

Yes, “The Wiz” should ease on down the road — but with boundless creativity and awe.

Blue Man Group founder turns his head into wild canvas for wearable art — he's 'making baldness cool'

Similar to how people express their personalities through hair and nails, performer Chris Wink realized he could do that with his head.

'Lempicka' Broadway review: Painter musical is an epic wreck

What “Lempicka,” the mystifying new musical about Polish painter Tamara de Lempicka, needs more than anything else is turpentine.

Meet the Pete Townshend-approved breakout star of 'The Who's Tommy' on Broadway

“He hasn’t needed a lecture about what makes a star, and what can cause a star to fall. He just gets it.”

Naked male witches, Hollywood voyeurs and Netanyahu gone wild: A look back at the sexy, star-studded run of 'Sleep No More'

Anything and everything can happen on any given night at the immersive performance, which ends its 13-year run in May.

'The Outsiders' Broadway review: Warring teens tug at the heart in one of the season's best new musicals

Driven by authenticity, earnestness, youth and ample heart, “The Outsiders” is very much an outsider itself.

Patti LuPone is coming back to Broadway — with Mia Farrow — even after she ditched the actors union

In 2022, LuPone very publicly left Actors Equity, the professional actors union that a performer must be a member of to work on Broadway.

'Deplorable racial abuse' aimed at Tom Holland's co-star in 'Romeo & Juliet' London production

"We are working with a remarkable group of artists. We insist that they are free to create work without facing online harassment." -- The Jamie Lloyd Company

'The Outsiders' star Matt Dillon visits Broadway show — poses with producers Angelina Jolie, her daughter Vivienne 

Matt Dillon, star of "The Outsiders" movie, went to see the Broadway play and took a photo with the cast and producers Angelina Jolie and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt.

Meghan McCain slams 'Ghost of John McCain' satire musical 'set inside the brain of Donald Trump'

The musical comedy is "set inside the brain of Donald Trump that got under the skin of Meghan McCain."

Alfred Molina says he was a 'working actor' before 'Spider-Man' Doctor Octopus success

"I had a nice career, I was playing nice supporting roles and getting nicely noticed for it, no complaints at all. But 'Spider-Man' — it did kind of create a persona...

'The Who's Tommy' Broadway review: 4 stars for a galvanizing rock revival

That we all have an inner adult and an inner child is a deeply relatable idea, even in a cuckoosical such as this one.

'Animal Control' star Joel McHale knows he's played a lot of 'd--ks': I 'craved' work when I was jobless

Joel McHale's “Animal Control” has already been renewed for a third season, and it follows the personal and professional lives of a group of Animal Control workers in Seattle. 

'Doubt' writer John Patrick Shanley gets advice from Bugs Bunny

John Patrick Shanley likes to run ideas, in his head, past an assembly of people who populated his youth growing up tough in the Bronx.

Before 'Mean Girls' and 'Spamalot,' this was actor Jonathan Bennett's first job in NYC

Jonathan Bennett moved to New York at 19 in hopes of landing a role on Broadway -- but the first gig he got was a less than desirable role at...

'Water For Elephants' review: Awesome acrobats can't save this Broadway circus

The proceedings have the pacing of a pachyderm. 

Off-Broadway is booming — and it's a lesson for theaters everywhere

While theaters in the city and around the country have struggled in the face of skyrocketing expenses and flagging attendance, a group of commercial off-Broadway shows have bucked the trend...

Sarah Paulson takes Broadway for a shocking spin in 'Appropriate'

When Sarah Paulson makes an entrance, in character, a spell is cast. The energy around her crackles. What’s she going to say or do? She is a master of the...

'An Enemy of the People' review: Jeremy Strong and Michael Imperioli duke it out on Broadway

There is an unintentionally funny line in the compelling revival of “An Enemy of the People” that opened Monday night on Broadway. “We’re behind you like a wall!” a small-town...