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Are you a Gemini? Everything you need to know about your zodiac sign

Gemini is quicksilver chaos, an exciting personality to be around and find compatibility with, and challenging to live within. Read on to learn more about the power of the twins.

Doomed to die alone? These birth chart placements hint at long-term singledom

Gather round ye love lorn, ye heartbroken, ye emotionally bankrupt and read on to learn more about the astrological marks of long-term singledom or a late-blooming love life.

The 'Anger Professor' reveals best ways to get your temper under control

Here's how to keep your cool when you'd rather blow your top.

Bizarre personality changes reported in organ transplant patients

Recent research has found a correlation between transplant surgery and personality changes.

Kids who do this for an hour a day are 4 times more likely to vape

This latest study on social media isn't blowing smoke.

How to stay safe this summer when drinking alcohol at the beach

As the weather warms and the days lengthen, many among us head to the nearest body of water — and reach for the booze when we get there.

Fussy eaters take note: picky palates linked to poor mental health

A recent study suggests that older folks who are unfussy about what they eat have better cognitive function than their picky peers. According to Nature Mental Health, a UK Biobank...

Proteins in blood could give cancer warning 7 years early

A new study from Oxford University identified proteins in the blood that may hold the key to the prevention and early detection of certain cancers.

On National Endangered Species Day, see what wildlife aligns with your zodiac sign

On the third Friday in May — landing on the 17th this year — we celebrate National Endangered Species Day and the importance of protecting threatened wildlife.

Why May 18 is the luckiest day of the year, according to an astrologer

Mark your calendars, place your bets and ready your wishes as fortunate awaits you this month.

Bottoms up! Here's the aperitif that aligns with your zodiac sign

On May 16, we raise a glass to the glass on National Aperitif Day.

Unlock your hidden power: Embrace the secret planetary ruler within your birth chart

The birth chart is our map to selfhood, revealing everything from our past lives to attachment style, sexual proclivities to a preferred mode of expression, relationships to money.

Worst times to have sex, surgery or sign a contract, according to astrology

If you find yourself asking, "why do I feel so f---ing weird today?," and/or "why does everything seem like a dream in which none of my punches land?" it just...

Welcome to Taurus season — and beware of these most toxic traits of the dark bull

Welcome to the rodeo, folks, and the deep heart of Taurus season.

Sleep wrinkles are a nightmare - how to treat and avoid slumber lines

Sleep wrinkles, which tend to dissipate over time in the young, persist as we age and our skin loses its natural elasticity and extensibility, creating conditions for those slumber creases...

Should you try Kourtney Kardashian's postpartum routine? A doula weighs in

The mom of four has been outspoken about her most recent postpartum experience, reflecting on the "pressure" women put on themselves to "bounce back."

A simple 'swish-and-spit' test might be able to detect cancer

Swish your way to early cancer detection? Researchers at Rutgers believe a simple oral rinse may be key to the early detection of gastric cancer.

Never send this text to someone with anxiety

Those three little words can trigger an onslaught of worried thoughts.

How did Friday become our favorite day of the week? Astrology has the answer

The Cure picked Friday to fall in love and it's no surprise, folks.

Astrology of allegiance: Three most loyal zodiac signs revealed

Cancer writer Pascal Mercier maintained that "loyalty is a decision, a resolution of the soul" — and when it comes to the zodiac wheel, some souls are more resolved than...