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Isabel Keane

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Isabel Keane is a reporter on the New York Post's news team. She is a 2019 graduate of the State University of New York at Geneseo and has since covered local news in her native Hudson Valley and national news for international audiences. She was a breaking news reporter for USA Today's New York newspapers including The Journal News, The Poughkeepsie Journal and The Times Herald-Record and later went on to cover national news for before joining the Post in 2022.

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Desperate search underway for missing 8-month-old last seen in April who tested positive for meth at birth

The parents and grandparents of an 8-month-old girl who has been missing since April were arrested last week as Kentucky police on Tuesday started searching the woods near their home...

Suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer allegedly visited LI gun club day before victim disappeared

Suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann visited a Long Island gun club the day before one of his alleged victims, Jessica Taylor, disappeared -- and days before her remains...

Horror as passengers 'dehydrating and passing out' while stuck on plane for hours in 100-degree heat

Overheated passengers aboard a Qatar Airways flight stripped off their clothes while the plane idled on a scorching hot tarmac for over three hours without air conditioning.

Karen Read investigator forced to read ‘unprofessional and regrettable’ texts during murder trial

The Massachusetts State Trooper leading the investigation into the death of Karen Read's boyfriend was forced to take the stand and read disparaging texts he wrote calling the suspect a...

Horrifying video shows NYC anti-Israel protester telling Jewish people: 'I wish Hitler was still here, he would’ve wiped all you out'

Horrifying video captured the moment a man yelled "I wish Hitler was still here. He would've wiped all you out," at a group of Jewish people during an event in...

Texas court rules books mentioning 'butts and farts' cannot be banned in schools and public libraries

That's according to a Texas appellate court, which ruled on Thursday that government entities, including public libraries, cannot ban or censor books they disagree with — including books about "butts...

Hailstorm causes insane damage to plane's nose, cockpit windows just 20 minutes before landing

An Austrian Airlines flight landed safely in Vienna Sunday after a powerful, surprise hailstorm tore away part of the airplane's nose and left the cockpit windows covered in cracks.

Teen who lost a hand, leg in Florida shark attack was on first beach trip with mom: 'I saw her wounds ... and started to scream'

The mother of one of the teenage girls attacked by a shark in the Florida panhandle over the weekend described the horror of seeing her daughter appear "lifeless" after the...

Trump makes case for lighter ‘hush money’ trial punishment in interview with probation officials

Former President Donald Trump was interviewed by New York probation officials Monday in preparation for his July sentencing following his criminal hush money case. 

Fans go nuts after India pulls off shock win over Pakistan at Cricket World Cup match in New York: 'Bigger than the Super Bowl'

By the end, India fans — who outnumbered Pakistan fans at the stadium, perhaps 10-to-1 — were absolutely gaga after their team pulled off a shocking 119-113 to win a match...

Crazy photos show 'catastrophic collapse' of major road near Yellowstone

The only other route between Jackson, Wyoming, and Victor, Idaho, takes drivers more than 60 miles out of their way.

Trump prosecutor Fani Willis got donation from ex city attorney convicted of $15M fraud

Shelitha Robertson donated to Willis' Democratic primary campaign in May 2020 — around the time she applied for fraudulent PPP loans.

Traffic nightmare to hit Nassau County as security threats loom over India-Pakistan Cricket World Cup match

Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said the World Cup received an ISIS-K-linked threat in April as well as more specific threats related to the India versus Pakistan match.

Teen recounts horrifying shark attack at Texas beach: 'I started punching it'

A 19-year-old Oklahoma woman who was attacked by a shark at a Texas beach during a family vacation last week says she was able to fight off the vicious creature...

Jen Psaki makes stunning admission about Biden's border action, calls it 'political vulnerability'

President Biden's former press secretary Jen Psaki made the stunning admission Wednesday that her ex-boss's executive order on the besieged southern border was to address a "political vulnerability" ahead of...

Putin issues doomsday warning to West as Ukraine tensions rise: We will 'use all means at our disposal'

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday warned that Russia could provide long-range weapons to other countries to use on Western targets as Russian warships head to the Caribbean in a show...

Accused double murderer allowed to cover swastika and skeleton face tattoos — but they're still showing

Wade Wilson, 30, won the right to cover "numerous and varied tattoos ... that might be objectionable to members of the potential jury pool."

Pro rock climber gets life in prison for sexual assaults in Yosemite National park

A professional rock climber from California who used brutal force to sexually assault a woman in Yosemite National Park was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday, officials said.

Massive great white shark that had just eaten a dolphin found with no liver, torn apart by an even bigger predator

A deformed, 15-foot great white shark had just eaten a dolphin when it was attacked and ripped open by an even bigger predator, experts discovered after the shark's carcass washed...

Road-rage suspect left handcuffed in cop car that was hit by a freight train is awarded $8.5M

The Colorado woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury and several broken bones when a freight train struck the cop car she was handcuffed inside has been awarded $8.5 million...