Camels escape enclosure at amusement park causing patrons to run for their lives: 'That dude almost died'

Two camels in Ohio broke out of their enclosure, roaming around a roller-coaster park.

Bull that jumped the fence at rodeo forced to retire from competition, owner says

“It could have been way worse. We were very fortunate that we only had three people with relatively minor injuries.”

Teenager reels in record-breaking catch while out fishing with his dad

Christopher Barrett, 19, was 'really excited' about the white perch catch.

African elephants call each other by unique names using ‘low rumbles,’ groundbreaking study finds

A new academic study of wild African elephants has determined that they communicate by using unique names for each other, making them a rarity among others in the animal kingdom.

One of the world's oldest penguins, 30, has chick with her boy toy, 4 -- and they are 'devoted to each other'

While four-year-old Nacho is a first-time father Windy first become a mother in 1999 and has produced 23 offspring since then.

From puppies to seniors: Vet-approved guide to dog food and diet

Get the DL from experts.

Two kids, woman with dog attacked by crazed elks in separate incidents in Colorado park: 'Never seen a year like this'

Elks have now attacked parkgoers in Colorado three times in under 10 days, leaving two young children and a woman and her dog with bruises from the surprise stompings, officials...

Florida couple adopts swan that 'completely changed' their lives

Florida couple Andrew Marshall and PJ Garcia-Marshall have opened their hearts and sometimes, their home, to a swan named Lola.

Rare tropical seabird not usually found in US spotted hunting in Indiana

The recent brown booby sighting marks only the second time in the state.

Giraffe grabs 2-year-old trying to feed it at Texas safari, lifting her out of truck, dramatic video shows

"It just grabbed her and I didn’t see her no more," the tot's father said.

5-foot snake tries to get into NYC apartment — and no one seems to know where it came from

It’s a slithery mystery. A 5-foot-long snake was trying to get inside an Upper West Side apartment Wednesday morning — and no one’s sure where it came from, cops and...

Massive great white shark that had just eaten a dolphin found with no liver, torn apart by an even bigger predator

A deformed, 15-foot great white shark had just eaten a dolphin when it was attacked and ripped open by an even bigger predator, experts discovered after the shark's carcass washed...

Deputy makes 'fowl' discovery in missing child's backpack

A Louisiana child was found safe after being reported missing last week — along with something "fowl" in the boy's backpack.

Invasive spiders the size of a human hand that can float in the air are expected to land in NYC this summer

The creepy-crawlies from East Asia can grow as large as a human hand.

Emotional support dog reunited with owner after vanishing 2 years ago: 'I kind of lost hope'

“Animals aren’t just animals. They’re part of your family.”

‘Gossip Girl’ star Taylor Momsen gets bitten by a bat during concert, needs rabies shots

Taylor Momsen called herself a "witch" after she had an unfortunate encounter with a bat in Spain.

Small town torn apart after horrifying video of cop fatally shooting deaf, blind dog: 'Never should have happened'

The mayor of a small Missouri town has resigned and residents are calling to shut down the police force after a cop shot a deaf, blind dog and left people...

First-ever American flamingo to visit New York spotted in East Hampton pond

An American flamingo in all its pink glory was spotted this week in the posh waters of East Hampton's Georgica Pond -- the first time the elegant creature has been...

I thought a Florida alligator was walking near me and my daughter on the road — what it actually was shocked me

Aland said she did a “double take” when she saw the creature in the city of North Port, on May 20.