animals acting like people

Chimpanzee throws dropped sandal back to zoo visitor in bananas video

The "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" might not be far off.

Fish orgies taking over California beaches during full moon — the strange reason why revealed

Sex in "schools" is becoming a real issue. Like sex-crazed Swallows returning to Capistrano, millions of fish have called grunions descended upon California beaches to throw their annual orgy under...

Stunned tourists photobombed by selfie-taking macaque in Bali

A cheeky monkey perhaps proved that we're more closely related than we think after it seemingly took a selfie with two British tourists Chloe and Craig Dennis while they were...

Penguins caught giving sweet gifts to their mates with 'lucky charms'

There's a whole waddle love at the Detroit Zoo.

I taught my dog 15 'Harry Potter' spells as commands: 'Dog sitters are going to love this'

"I love feeling like I have real-life magical powers every time I ask him to come, stay, or play dead," Dobby's owner said.

Moment hungry raccoons steal Florida woman's DoorDash taco delivery: 'They can have the carne asada'

Caterina Sevares said the raccoons had eaten everything excepts for the tortillas.

Elderly Shih Tzu escaped owner's yard — only to be found at a bar a mile from home

Bear the Shih Tzu mix had a tail-wagging good time at the bar.

Meet the Jack Russell who loves to ride the waves of Peru

The 4-year-old pooch has been surfing for about a year.

NYC rat on never-ending climb up descending subway escalator sparks 'Rocky' jokes

A New York City rat is being compared to "Sisyphus" after it was spotted making a never-ending climb up a descending escalator.

Vlogger loses bikini after seagull caught untying top on camera

This cheeky seagull was up to some fowl play.

National Bird Day: Celebrate the kind you are based on your zodiac sign

In the spirit of birds of a feather flocking together, the winged are held aloft by humanity on Jan. 5 when we celebrate National Bird Day.

Escaped kangaroo punches cop before being caught by the tail after days on the lam

The runaway kangaroo was apprehended in Canada after four days on the run.

'Mastermind' deer strolls up and down Sam's Club aisle -- without a membership -- in caught-on-video incident

"The young buck ran through yards, jumped a wall, and took a brief dip in a backyard pool before entering Sam’s Club."

Pandas sit and eat like humans in adorable video — but are they real or fake?

The dinner for four harkens back to last summer's incident at the Hangzhou Zoo involving a suspiciously human-like Malaysian sun bear named Angela — which was seen standing perfectly on...

Blaring death metal wards off killer whale attacks on sailors

Cautious seafarers are rocking the boat so orcas won't.

Horse named Twinkle goes viral on TikTok for funny dance moves: ‘A real character’

Meet Twinkle — a 17-year-old horse from Eastlothian, Scotland, whose owner now has over 500,000 TikTok followers.

Orcas sink Polish yacht after 45-minute attack, tour company says

The marine mammals — which can grow over 30 feet long and weigh upwards of 30,000 pounds — had reportedly "hit the steering fin for 45 minutes, causing major damage...

Deer crashes through seafood restaurant's glass door, shocks patrons

Security camera footage from Awful Arthur's Seafood in Salem, Virginia captured the shocking moment the wild deer came tumbling into the restaurant, scattering the shattered glass door.